Can Robots Blind-Run Too?

The article “Running Is Always Blind” by Sam Schramski informs us readers that when you run, you don’t think. Your feet subconsciously take in the information of a rough patch you’re running through, while the eyes gain facts on where you’re running, a rough sketch of what you may go over.


The website belongs to Nautilus, a ‘different kind of science magazine’. The representation of the story is attention grabbing – the featured image contains trees, mushrooms, spiders, snakes, bears, birds etc., probably depicting the rough patch that the journalist is writing about. Looking at the picture form a far, it is possible to make out a human form filled in by red and orange clouds, like that of a sunset. The person running is outlined by the ‘rough patches’, that look as rough as it can be. It would be a miracle if the runner doesn’t fall on his or her face, but according to neuroscience, he or she wouldn’t.


Recently, robots are believed to be able to accomplish everything that we, humans can and more. They have beaten masters of chess, go, and, shogi, Mars Rover Curisosity is still adventuring into the unknown, and robots have been used to visualize the insides of a molten nuclear power plant etc. What can they not do? Apparently, running smoothly on a rough patch is still a struggle for them. I find this fact mildly interesting – it makes them seem more humane. While I still have the upper hand (although the locomotion researcher from Carnegie Melon may have already gotten an algorithm to keep them upright), I think I should go enjoy the subconscious and conscious skill special to certain organisms.


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