Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website! I’m Sarah, an international undergraduate student majoring in physics at Georgia Tech. I was born in Osaka, grew up in Tokyo, and came to the States to study what I think is one of the most interesting topics in the world. I have a love for anything that lets me stare at the horizon because I like to let my mind wander off into space. This includes the beach (probably because I basically grew up in Fiji as well), the night sky, the riverbed, the highway (when I’m not driving) etc. These places let me take a step back from the busy world and gives me moments to think.

This website is dedicated to what I’m doing in my life in general. I started this website as I reflected on different scientific issues and controversies, draft, and revise a wide range of topics (relating to science) that I wrote about in my English class. There are four English projects accessible from this website:

  • Works in progress –> This page will include drafts, reflections, in-class works, and posts still being edited.
  • Blog entries –> These will include reflections on the readings during class
  • Spinning Science project –> This will be an analysis on science in advertisements.
  • Science at Tech project –>  This page will be an analysis about what science is at Tech.
  • The Value(s) of Science project –> This page will contain how rhetorical function illustrates a value in public communication.

Other things include my love for space, the beach, tasty food, and interesting moments I encounter in my life.

As I usually have trouble putting my thoughts as words, there may be some parts that sound confusing and I’ll try to fix them along the way. Other than that, hope you enjoy looking through my thoughts!