Reflection of Transformation

My group analysed the video on Youtube describing the discovery about gravitational waves. As the video was aimed for audience with a slightly higher-level scientific background and an interest in astronomical objects such as black holes, and or Einstein and general relativity, we had a bit of trouble translating the scientific language into conversational English. As most of us were unable to meet at a specific time to discuss more in depth about the topic, we decided to rely on each other to translate a specific part in the video. As our genre of choice was a short article, and with the trouble of summarising each parts, we decided to write as much as we want – but to keep them short.


Personally, I believe that the transformation was effective. Although we cut out a few bits of information, we were still able to write a short article explaining the finding to the general public. The number of scientific language was reduced; some words such as “black holes”, “Einstein” and the scale of time were stressed to hopefully capture the audience. Since the article was relatively short, we believe that the audience will be more interested in reading it rather than a longer piece with more details. Even if a person wanted to know more deeply about it, we provided enough bases so he or she could research into it.


Within the group, I introduced the video to my group members and wrote about “spacetime” in the translated text. If we were to redo the topic, I will try to make more time so that all of us could meet, and so that the there would be a smoother transition between different parts within the article.