Works in Progress

September 10th 

This is my introduction for the topic I am doing right now — Spinning Science. I will be analyzing the advertisement produced by Apple last year about the new iPad:  

Apple released a commercial “introducing the biggest iPad ever” last year. The commercial looks epic; switching between images of nebulae, Jupiter and its moon, Saturn, and even a black hole. There’s even an alternative soundtrack that cues the images to change, bringing out the different sounds and colours of the universe. The advertisement closes with a woman using the product, on its screen the applications Sky Guide and Procreate. This surely is an attention grabber.

Although the viewer could tell that the commercial was intended for the general audience, the commercial employs science in a successful way. The audience of it probably contains less of the professional committee as one of the equations in the ending scene did not make sense (numerator and denominator were the same). However, Apple mentioned that the new iPad contains a ‘great big universe’. That it could “take your creativity and productivity to an epic scale.” The science – the visuals of space and calculations of the neutrino’s path – portrays that the iPad is not only bigger, but has more pixels (better images), holds more data, and opens the user to extensive possibilities. Therefore, this short video isn’t perfect, but good enough to grab the audience’s attention and make them interested.

August 29th

I submitted the first English Assignment in which I had to make a video about a mode of communication I wanted to improve on this semester. This is the reflection for it:

1). Describe your process. Which steps did you find most effective? Least?

I made a rough draft of what I wanted to communicate about myself to the audience. Then, I made a presentation based on this on an application called Keynote, made a movie with shapes the application offered, added voice on iMovie, and uploaded it onto Youtube and its link to Tsquare. I feel the rough draft was the most effective because it helped me plan out the whole video and what it was going to look like. I found uploading the video onto Youtube the least effective not only because it was my first time uploading something onto Youtube, but since T-square could upload videos as well.

2). What part of your project are you most satisfied with and why?

I’m satisfied with the part that I was able to use iMovie and Keynote smoothly without any technical difficulties. I feel as though I was able to use the effects on the two mediums effectively without much struggle and I am satisfied with this. 

3). If you could redo any part of your process or product, what would you change and why?

I would add some information about my experiences. As I spoke slowly, there wasn’t as many explanation and examples of why I decided to improve my writing skills, instead of the other modes. I also think that I would redo the visuals, as I believe it would not capture the audience’s attention for long.

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