For the 1101 English Class, I used WordPress to post all of the written work, presentations, and projects completed in class. The projects included Works in Progress, Blog, Transforming Tech Science, Spinning Science, and Values of Science. I chose WordPress is because it was the first time for me to construct a website, and also because the designs were simple with a lot of areas for images to be featured.


The website – – is structured in such a way that the first thing visitors see will be the most recent blog entry. If they scroll down, if the readers are curious about the site, they will find the previous blog entries one after the other. The action of scrolling down could be done effortlessly, so visitors could easily access different blogs. If they happen to scroll down all the way to the bottom, the visitor will reach a “Welcome” statement. The reason for this is because giving the background of the writer at the very top of all the blog posts may discourage readers from reading into different areas of the website. If the readers find that I come from a very different background, they may lose interest in what I have to say, as they may subconsciously feel that they may not understand my claims.


If they do decide to read the “Welcome Statement”, which they probably will do after scrolling down through all of the blog posts, they will be directed to another page (like the blogs). For the introductory paragraph, I tried to maintain a conversational tone to make the reader feel more interested, or casual:


“Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website! I’m Sarah, an international undergraduate student majoring in physics at Georgia Tech. I was born in Osaka, by the Osaka Bay, grew up in Tokyo, and came to the States to study what I think is one of the most interesting topics in the world.”


The second paragraph changes its tone to a more official tone to make sure that the reader clearly understands what I am doing, and then back to casual tone so that they can feel comfortable and laid-back.