This trip has been sponsored by Apple.

Screenshot of the last second of the commercial.

In order to create credibility, and to suggest the professionalism of the new product, the video ends with a view of a research facility underneath the aurora and a view of the Milky Way galaxy. The audience can deduce that even scientists use it, meaning it is well acknowledged. It is also interesting that the commercial was released on November 10th, about a month after the Nobel Physics Prizes were awarded to neutrino researchers. It is as though Apple made a commercial to reflect on what the general public gained a little interest on. However, the equation on the iPad did not really make sense as one equation’s numerator and denominator were the same, and the spherical data produced does not look like the actual data that is usually collected in neutrino research.


Although the few seconds showing something related to neutrino – but not quite so – may have lost Apple’s credibility, but the larger section of the commercial is impressive. The commercial does well in delivering messages about the product and capturing the audience’s attention.